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About South Street Diner:

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South Street Diner (formerly the Blue Diner) was built in 1947 by the Worcester Dining Company to serve local factory workers. Over the years, the Diner has become a local landmark, a constant in Boston's after-hours scene and a final evening destination for local residents, students and visitors. When the clubs close, the Diner is the place to grab something to eat, hang out with friends, celebrity watch, and keep the party going. No visit to Boston is complete without a stop to the South Street Diner.

Over the years, the Diner has been named a Best of Boston by Boston Magazine and called "The PLACE for college students to start their Spring Break Tour" by Rolling Stone Magazine. The Diner has also been featured in numerous feature films, including: Hiding Out with John Cryer; Second Sight with John Laroquette; House Guest with Steve Martin; and The Blue Diner for PBS.

South Street Diner - Featured in the movie 21 with Kevin SpaceySouth Street Diner is currently owned and operated by local restraunteur Sol Sidell. Sol grew up in the restaurant business and always dreamed of owning a place where people could have fun, get great food at reasonable prices, and feel like a regular the first time they walk through the door. He brings his passion for creating great dishes and making people happy to everything he does at South Street.

Today, South Street Diner is Boston's only all-night dining destination seven-nights-a-week. While the neighborhood around South Street Diner has evolved from factories producing shoes and hand bags, to an artist community, student mecca, and part of the city-wide Big Dig construction site, one thing has remained unchanged --- South Street Diner is Boston's true diner, and the heart of Boston's late night scene.

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